Sunday, July 18, 2004

Riddle me this
Why is it so much easier to run at the gym than it is out on the street?  I went to the Y today and ran a personal best and felt like I could go on forever.  Nothing about me is different between inside and out--same gear, same shoes, same routine, same music.  I understand that the treadmill forces me to keep a steady pace (very important b/c on the road Fluke's "Zion" or Van Halen's "Humans Being" make me think I have powers I don't and I speed the hell up), and I'm not stopping and starting for traffic or stupid tourists, but c'mon.  Those can't be THAT big of factors.  I even program pace and incline changes into the machine to compensate.  So what is the magic ingredient??
*Almost* as interesting was the total wackjob using the gym while I was there.  One of the things I love most about the Y is how egalitarian it is--you find far fewer gym rats who just come in to parade around in too little clothing while never actually working out (I refer to them as the "See and Be Seens").  But if you let everyone join (at a reasonable price) then you're gonna get quite the assortment of people.  Including the totally fucking off-their-rockers barmy ones.  This guy was about 45, shaggy-haired, running laps around the wee track, and seemingly harmless until he started yelling at some invisible perpetrator.  He aggressively instructed "the perp" to "GET AWAY FROM ME WITH THAT SICK SHIT!" and turned to and fro as though he was waiting for the offender to shiv him at any moment.  Then he stopped, paused for a second, and kept running.  Fitness first.


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