Monday, August 23, 2004


For the past month or so the few square blocks that I traverse getting to and from the metro have been host to Jews for Jesus, out spreading their Good Word. They wear huge smiles and embossed t-shirts, and I think their agenda is pretty self-evident. As with most canvassers, vendors, and strangers who approach me on the street, I say "No thank you" or smile and shake my head, then go on my way. The J^2 take this in stride and turn to the next commuter--you know how it goes. But this morning I was struck by the technique employed by the Jew for Jesus standing at the 18th St. exit of Farragut West. As people streamed off of the escalators and swirled past him, he just kept his hand (clutching a sheaf of brochures) extended out and called, "Jesus!" again and again. I wonder what he hopes to accomplish with this tactic? For sure it grabs your attention, but doesn't elaborate enough to distinguish his outcry from the way I would say "Jesus!"--that being, after I've bumped into something/been cut off by someone on the road/seen a particularly comely young man or any one of a number of epithet-cum-expletive -esque ways. Seriously, he'd probably get more attention if he stood there shouting his own name: "Bob!"


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