Wednesday, August 18, 2004

American Idol auditions are on-going here in D.C.....

The Post does an excellent, pithy write-up of it, from the absurdity--

One person compares the atmosphere to Woodstock, but it's a Woodstock with the trappings of pop commerce. There are American Idol Pop-Tarts, American Idol playing cards and American Idol bubble gum.

To the unfortunate desperation--

Robert Helton, 68, of Flintstone sits in a portable chair beside his granddaughter, Kimberly Nicole Helton. She is 20, dressed in a pink T-shirt and fast asleep on the floor, an arm stretched out over her head. Helton says she's a waitress at a Bob Evans restaurant.
"I just want to see her make something of herself," he says.

Oh!! And as any TAR watcher can tell you, 1. last night's episode was BOMB-DIGGITY good (who knew Phil would get so gushy, though?!) and 2. previews for Survivor: Vanuatu are cropping up. Rupert needs to go the all-holy-fuck AWAY but I'm jazzed for the new season. I'll just be dusting off Mrs. Anne Probst's wedding veil in the other room if you need me....


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