Monday, August 16, 2004

Where to begin? I had a vrrr busy weekend filled with the best of stuff--time and activities with friends. As both Kristin and James mentioned, we all convened on Friday night for a wee dinner party that turned into a marathon Olympics Opening Ceremonies watching session. They didn't show any of the US rowers during the parade of athletes, but I will forgive them. I will not, however, turn a blind eye (or rather ear) to the pointless inane pap spewed by Katie and Bob. James ably recounted some of the worst of their gaffes, so let me just add my scorn for what a couple of mindless plastic simps they are. (EDIT: Steve also mentions the ceremonies and the Bjork-tion here and is absolutely SPOT ON in his characterization of Katie Couric as "perky little bitch." Well said.)

Saturday I trotted out my very high movie-going standards and saw Alien vs. Predator. No, I won't tell you who wins, silly! It was a festival of special effects, great fight scenes, and a barely (and by that I mean totally NOT) plausible story. But I still loved it. I knew what was coming and I jumped in my seat any-damn-way. I am to movies what Kristin is to reality TV--a blind acolyte. One of the best things about the experience, though, was that the theater was filled with tons of other fans who were, um, very vocal as the movie played. The slow, sly entrance of the Alien--that we could see but of course the actors could not--drew a "Giiiirl! Watch OUT!" from one woman. A particularly brutal end to one of the Alien vs. Predator fights elicited a heartfelt "DAAAAAMN!" from another man. And so on. It totally made the movie for me because I felt like I was watching *with* all of them (not to take away from the fact that I was watching it with Bryan, Sandy, and Marv, who were all excellent companions in their own right, as usual).

As if I could top that, we had a great night out Saturday with a huge gang of people to make merry because Robin and Rees were in town. What was going to be a quiet night at one bar turned into staying out until 5 a.m., and while I felt it yesterday, I would do it again. There's something about watching Matt climb up the Morgan's stories-high sideporch, or watching Rees and his mom dance at 3 a.m. that just warms the heart, y'know?

On the 7th day, Anne rested. But I also hauled myself out for a nice dinner and drinks at Sine. Who knew Pentagon Row was so ha'nin'?? The little square there was packed and active 'til well after 9 p.m. I can see why--it was such a gorgeous night--but still, I found it pleasantly surprising.

And now it's Monday again. How very, very sad.


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