Monday, August 16, 2004

My version of a poll

I'm not tenacious like James and don't have the energy to find online polling programs, so I'm just going to ask outright and offer my comments field as your answer space:

How do we feel about people exercising outside but also simultaneously using their cell phones? I try to run outside whenever possible, usually along the Mall and GW Parkway trail, so I pass many other people out exercising. I would say that about 25% of those are on the phone as they run or bike, and I don't quite know how I feel about it. I can see having your phone with you--my little water pack has a space for one, for instance--and it's smart for emergencies. But I wouldn't go out to workout with the plan of also having all my daily chats at the same time. If you're gonna run, run. If you're gonna talk, get your ass off the path, chat, and then get your groove back on later.

OK, I guess I do know how I feel about it. Phones + exercise = jackasses. But still by all means lemme know what you think, too.


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