Tuesday, August 17, 2004

An associates' degree at VoTech is the way to go

I'm sure we've all seen how Princeton Review put out its annual ranking of the top party schools in the country. They have another interesting feature on their website called Counselor-o-matic that lets you enter your stats/preferences (SAT scores, ideal school size, potential majors, etc.) and they'll let you know what are strong options for you, or safety schools, or which schools are TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, YOU MORON. I'm pleased to report that my 18-year-old self chose well: when I narrowed it to Virginia schools William & Mary was a good match, above U of R and UVa. When I said I didn't care where I was geographically, I pegged Dartmouth, American, Emory, MIT, and--hahahahhahaahha--Tufts, all as good prospects. Try it out. (link courtesy of Sandy)


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