Wednesday, July 07, 2004

TAR5 did not disappoint in its season premiere last night. Phil was scrumtrellescent, the locales diverse (how macabre but cool as hell was that hand?!), and the rules a bit changed. I'll be interested to see how the "yield" function turns out--its the first time that being able to screw another team has been written in as a function of the game and not just as a potential tactic self-imposed by a ruthless opponent. The flip-flopping of "bunching" was also a welcome twist. There was tripping, emergency rooms, scumbags, massive ignoring of basic TAR game play by not one but TWO teams, and several unfortunate uses of the word "midget." And an Apache in the opening credits!! My early faves are the geriatric couple, the helo dad and daughter, and the married couple from Cali. Not so much loving the multiple "dating-ish" pretty plastic couples or those obnoxious brothers. You're no Drew and Kevin!!


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