Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I'm gonna roll around in all 926 pennies like Demi Moore in "Indecent Proposal"

Just received an email with the welcome news that my latest Amazon Payments deposit has been dispatched to my checking account. For about 4 months I've been selling old CDs, books, and VHS tapes via Amazon. Things I either no longer like or haven't used/listened to/etc. in years. Things I'm embarrassed that I ever spent money on in the first place, like a Nelson CD. Yes, that Nelson. There's more where that came from, but I hesitate to give you more fodder to dis or dismiss me. Sales have slowly trickled off and so I don't get the windfall monetary amounts of the heady early days. For instance, today's whopping deposit is $9.26. That's dollars, not pounds, so the purchasing power ain't that staggering. It'll just about cover my trip to the movies this weekend, but sadly, not the metric ton of Milk Duds I'll be smuggling in in my purse.


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