Monday, June 28, 2004

A city is always better on foot...

I constantly berate myself for not getting out and doing more in DC--taking advantage of all the city has to offer, etc. In that vein, I've taken to trekking all over when I run. One day this may translate into actually going TO places as opposed to loping past them, but for now, it's a start. Anyhoo, lately I've been metroing to the Capitol and then running home along the Mall, across Memorial Bridge, and either along the Potomac to National Airport or to Rosslyn and getting the train from either of those. It's been a particularly pleasant jaunt this week because of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival taking place on the Mall. One of the cultures highlighted this year is "Nuestra Musica" which makes for great entertainment. My whole loop around the Mall was accompanied by the strains of salsa, cha-cha, guitars and percussion. Excelente! Unfortunately its also accompanied by the smells of grilling meat, spices, and desserts. Torture.


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