Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Didya miss me?

Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to check. NYC was a blast, of course!! The weather was flawless and we (me, Kristin, and Grace) spent it out-of-doors walking all over the city. East and West Village, Chelsea, Central Park, and Times Square were some of the marquee locations. My only celeb run-in was walking past the girl who plays Nadia, Sydney's sister on "Alias" and being teased with the knowledge that I was very, veeery close to where Hugh Jackman lives. I promised K&G a full-on meltdown of epic drooling and catatonic staring if we ran into him on the street, but alas that, my finest hour, was not meant to be (this trip...mwhahahaha). Grace was the hostess w/ the mostess and tirelessly showed us a wonderful time. I miss Vroom Vroom already.

We saw one of these on our way out of town. Straight up baller, yo.

Saw two of these on the way to work today, tricked out in full Adidas (yes, Adidas) paint jobs. I'm ordering Kristin one for her birffday. ;)


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