Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Two important newsy bits:

First, CONGRATULATIONS to Catharine and Pete who became engaged over the weekend!!!! Kit Kat endured many W&M trials and tribulations with me (and I with her) and no one deserves this happy ending more than she does. Pete is a prince among men (for example, when he provided a cheery and charming escort to the drunk ladies at Butz's New Orleans wedding, guiding us past French Quarter weirdos and Rodents of Unusual Size on Canal Street) and this is just too thrilling for them and all us lucky spectators. Good luck you crazy kids!

Second, John Boy has started a blog to house all his interesting and decidedly non-mainstream thoughts and actions. Des and James, methinks you will find a kindred spirit here. JB is too smart for my own good and a straight-up SAIS gangsta! Welcome to the fold, buddy.

Otherthanthat, like James, I am in training of various kinds this week, and so have little or nothing to share. It's humid and I'm feeling laconic, but I can't drink because I have a race this weekend. Dammit. Come Saturday night I'm definitely making a mint julep though. Ah, sweet Saturday....


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