Friday, June 25, 2004

Toby Keith is a lot of things, but original isn't one of them.

The ever-jamming Yahoo! radio just served up "I Love This Bar," one of Toby's salute-the-working-man standards. It occured to me that this was simply a warmed-over pale imitation of "I Got Friends in Low Places," the song that more or less put Garth Brooks on the map well over a decade ago. And *he* cribbed the notion off of a dozen classic country performers I'm sure we can all name. Just goes to show how willing we [Americans? Humans? Idiot Toby Keith fans?] are to scoop up an old idea once-removed. Entertainment culture seems to revolve around just waiting for people to forget about something they've seen before and then re-introducing it as the greatest, newest thing since sliced bread. *Sigh*.


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