Friday, April 30, 2004

Take THAT Shii'ann

I don't have a whole lot today since I spent all of yesterday in my house contending with the aforementioned random springtime cold. I am on the mend nicely now, though, due in no small part to sleep, NyQuil, and Kristin bringing me soup last night. No kidding, a housecall and soup. That is old school and fabulous--I contend that friends don't come any better than the K.

We watched "Survivor" last night when finally, FINALLY they voted Shii'ann the h-e-double hockey sticks off the island. I didn't understand at first when Miss Alli railed on her so much, but lately I totally get it. She made quick work of turning herself into a social pariah, allying herself with nincompoops like Lex and Kathy and contributing precisely jack SQUAT in challenges. Not to mention the self-bestowed moniker "Shii Devil." Good grief. Dork much?


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