Monday, April 26, 2004

Perhaps because it was my birthday?

Both of my Cloak n' Dagger shows did major Anne shout-outs last week, and as already stated, I surmise that it was in homage to me given the proximity of my birfday.

First 24 has Spawn running an op in a library; then last night on Alias Syd got herself all kitted out in "glasses = smrt" togs and headed to the "Smithsonian." Kids, I've been in the archives and storage facilities of most of the SI's buildings and they don't have anything as fancy new-fangled as that lab she was in. The new annex for the NMAI is about as spiffy as it gets, but W has effectively obliterated all federal monies for museums so J.J. was way reaching with that one.

Nevertheless a library and a museum all in one week?? You have me to thank for that.


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