Monday, April 26, 2004

This calendar brought to you by Ashcroft Press

As part of my aviation fixation I have a calendar in my office of combat helicopters. Honestly, I'm fascinated by the hardware, and I often forget that there is such a definite lifestyle/mindset that accompanies this sort of hobby or interest. But I remembered right quick when I skipped ahead to September '04 just now to write something on the 11th and saw it listed as "Attack on Freedom, Washington and New York, 2001"...the same way they list Christmas and Tax Day. First of all, like we're ever going to forget, and second, if they list that, then list Oklahoma City, Bali, the Tokyo subway in '95, the Berlin nightclub in '86, or the numerous everyday injustices that tally up as continuously as the Iraq war tab. Freedom is attacked in more ways than I can stand to mention. The list is endless and far from exclusively American. WHO OKd that calendar?? To them I say: Save that kind of hyperbole for where it belongs--in ads for the last episode of "Friends" THE MOST BELOVED COMEDY IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION. Or so I've heard.


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