Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm always surprised at how much time gets eaten by doing a whole lot of little things. I'm on 3-11 this week which you would think would mean not much for me to do. I'm off when everyone else is busy, so how do the hours still fly by? Who knows, but I'm glad that they do--better occupied than bored.

I did boring stuff Tuesday like BD's emissions inspection, running errands, and buying birthday gifts. The first guy from my gaggle of high school friends turns 30 this weekend. There'd better not be any bullshit old man "over the hill" gifts at his shindig. I hate that shit. I think it's out of place at any party before your 50th. Ahem.

Yesterday I met Steve and Sonny for lunch in Dupont Circle--my first time back to the old office since my last day. It was great to see everyone. I really did have the most fabulous coworkers and cushy environment but everything was as I left it and I think that answers right there why it was time to go. We hit up Front Page for my favorite California Wrap and then I read by the fountain until it was time to go to work. I walked around the area a bit, too, and felt like I finally saw a lot of things for the first time. Funny what you miss when you see something everyday, but in your haste to commute or get lunch or get out of the rain or avoid the crazy man who yells at himself, you don't really see it. Y'knowwhatImean?

And now all of a sudden here it is, Thursday, and I'm off to lunch with Erin Dempsey. Woo!!


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