Sunday, September 11, 2005


Not really, but an accompaniment to dinner and I just liked the pic.

I've been woefully inattentive to the blog lately, for a lot of reasons. I was talking to Suzi about it today and we were wondering aloud about why we blog, and why would I feel guilty or unfinished about *not* blogging. Because really ultimately blogging is something I do for me, and if I'm not into it, then why continue? My answer is two-fold: one, I've always said I like the fact that this register tracks what I'm up to, for me. I can't tell you how many diaries I started in my life and never stuck with, nor can I properly convey how much pleasure I've gotten from the running tally of what-who-when-where-why that I have had in the 18 month-life of the 'Sport. And two, I so enjoy reading my friend's blogs, and hope to return a little of that in kind with the odds n' ends that I paste here.

So, Blogsport reinvigorated. In baby steps. I'm trying for a paragraph a day. The trick is not letting too many days go by without writing, because backtracking then feels like a huge task. I hope to get to the pictures and stories of the past few weeks, but if not, c'est la vie. Forward from here.

Today I started a new book and enjoyed the cool late summer morning before meeting up with Kristin, Todd, Clarence, Jonathan, Suzi, Tom, Chang, Des, Bry, and Annie for lunch at Afghan. Man. That food. Just....wowyumohmygahsofullfoodcomazzzzz. After bidding K&T goodbye (sniff!) I headed to CostCo with Suz, Tom, and Chang. I'm only friends with Suzi for her membership, I won't lie. I finally got a flash drive for my computer to back up my most precious info, scored a $30 anorak for winter hiking, and have enough PowerBars to fuel a Michigan militiaman. That place is so dangerous. I can convince myself that I need a gross of just about EVERYTHING and require vigilant chaperoneage. Other than that the afternoon and evening have been about lazy perusal of the paper, catching up on email, watching the Redskins win (WOO!) and other teams do whatever, and trying to sort out the many tasks for this week into "must do" "should do" and "will give into my natural inclinations and just put off" piles. The third is by far the biggest. But my will is strong.


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