Monday, June 06, 2005

We've been watching so many movies I may go to a grading system to let you in on my opinions, rather than full-blown descriptors for each one. Seriously, we are single-handedly keeping Netflix on its toes. This weekend:

1. The Notebook (A-)
2. In Good Company (B+)
3. Crash (B+)
4. The Aviator (B+)
5. American Graffiti (B)

1. As good as the book. Total chick flick. Bawled my eyes out. Love, love, love James Garner. Awww.

2. Good story, well done, some good funny moments. Dennis Quaid makes the movie and is aging VERY nicely. Scarlett Johannson is flat and listless and boring and has no chemistry with either Quaid or Grace.

3. Gut-wrenching. Very well-done, great cast (I heart Don Cheadle!) but superficial character descriptions and hard (but real) events make it a very depressing viewing experience. We didn't come out *quite* as shattered as after The House of Sand and Fog, but it comes closest of anything else we've seen.

4. MUCH better than I expected. I am not a big Leo fan, but he does an excellent job and the story is very compelling. I can totally see why Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for it. I totally have a girl crush on her--she ROCKS. Beckinsale, completely forgettable. Just goes to show that money will let "crazy" take on epic proportions (see Michael Jackson as further evidence).

5. I hadn't ever seen this all the way through--more like caught 20 minutes here and there on TBS over the years. It's basically Dazed and Confused in an earlier decade, and the cars are BOSS. Harrison Ford is a bit of a goob in it, and Mackenzie Phillips is annoying and homely as all holy fuck, but I loves me some young Richard Dreyfuss so that makes the movie right there. Good way to end the weekend.


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