Friday, June 03, 2005

Ran-dom think-ing

1. I hate walking by canvassers on the street. They have my sympathy--it is a hard, thankless job--but I see them and I *dread* having to keep going wherever it is that I'm headed. It seriously feels like running a gauntlet and I FUCKING HATE IT.

2. Someone came to my blog today by doing a Google search for "penis pipes." What was that I was saying about "klassy"?

3. An office in the building next door must be having their company picnic because the air is full of the smoke and smell of barbecue. It is a siren song that calls to me. I about crashed straight up through the fence to join their party. Double klassy.

4. I need a nap.

In a hammock.

By a lake.

Alright now I'm just depressing myself.


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