Friday, June 17, 2005

Every once in a while Yahoo! radio runs an ad for Yahoo! personals and the latest batch totally crack me up. They're a play on the whole Subliminal Man thing Kevin Nealon did on SNL. A typical convo runs this way:

Man: Hey! It's great to finally (Nice legs!) meet you.
Woman: I know, we've been (Marriage, marriage!) emailing for so long.
Man: I'm excited (sex) to see this (sex) new movie (sex).
Woman: Me too; It's (wedding date) gotten great (7 bridesmaids) reviews.
Man: So, did I tell you I'm studying (spending the night) to be a (fun fling) scuba instructor?
Woman: No! That's (2-carat diamond ring) interesting.

They get me every time. I am, admittedly, easily entertained that way though.


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