Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Living the weekend was so tiring that I only just now have enough energy to write about it. I don't mean bad-tiring--quite the opposite--but so packed and busy that I'll spend all week recovering.

Friday I took a half-day off and headed for Richmond to be on hand for Ryan's company picnic. He works in a fairly new office, populated by people our age, give-or-take 7 years. Almost everyone is married and almost everyone has kids. Seriously, there were at least 15 kids under the age of 5 there and it was hilarious. My favorites were the twin girls latched into their car seat/carriers, jolly and fat like floured scones who giggled at the slightest provocation. We spent our time being squirted with water pistols, swinging on the swings, and surreptitiously enjoying frosty Yeungling in cleverly disguised glasses so as to hide the drinking from the wee'uns. Because we didn't want to share.

Saturday we took advantage of the first full weekend in Richmond since the move to finish unpacking and cleaning the hell out of the house. Banshee tumbleweeds were rounded up, patio furniture purchased, the hammock hung, laundry done, and much buying of groceries, marinating of meat and chopping of vegetables in preparation for Operation Family on Sunday. We squeezed in a cookout with Tara, Will, Chris, and Wendi that night, but were D.O.N.E. by midnight.

Sunday afternoon we hosted most of Ryan's immediate family and cooked up a RIGHTEOUS fajita spread in honor of the occasion. For much of the afternoon I was content to sit quietly and listen to the family bat around old stories and jokes and just absorb the good vibes that come from getting a big clan together. Doss parties are the same way. I can declare unreservedly that George, Ryan's 80+ year-old grandfather is the sweetest thing EVER and had me at hello with stories of falling out of a hammock while high on moonshine, and passing the time in his younger days watching cows amble down a country road. Not to mention that he brings his own PBR everywhere. That is a high-quality individual in my book.

When everyone cleared out to head home we took to the couch and knocked out a few movies (one of which was the aforementioned horrible Meet the Fockers that should have been turned off 1/2 way through). I took a half-day on Monday as well so that I didn't have to sit in morning commuter traffic but that still wasn't enough to get me anything like rested or refreshed, and I was IN BED ASLEEP by 8:30 Monday night. It was *still light out*, people. Adam may still have it in him, but clearly I am not 28 any more. We had such a great time though; it was totally worth it.

The holy-moly-this-is-good salad I made for Sunday.


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