Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This isn't good-bye, just au revoir

I'm in frantic consultations with XO about planning my going-away bash(es) because I quit my job on Monday.

Re-read that if you need to. I'll give you a second.

As most of you know, I've had another job in the wings for a while now that has finally come to fruition and I'll be making the transition in the middle of next month. Hence, in the meantime I must see to all sorts of pressing details like taking home my wee coffee maker and all the emergency hair-suppression devices I have stashed in my desk; cleaning out the .jpegs and music that I saved onto my computer; and figuring out whether I want the going-away dinner to be at L'Auriol (for old-time's sake) or Penang (for DAMN that shit is good sake).

Three weeks from tomorrow I'm Audi 5000. That is SOON. And cool. And fucking scary. Woo!!


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