Monday, June 20, 2005

Another excellent but busy weekend. We spent Saturday in Harrisonburg with Ryan's family, taking advantage of some excellent old-school diversions like horseshoes and croquet. Cutie George of the PBR loves a good game of croquet and busted out the wickets and mallets and I got roundly, decisively SPANKED by everyone. Ryan and I played partners, and even with him coming back and helping me as much as he could I still finished dead-last and embarrassed the collective pride of the Doss lawn-game-ept contingent. In my defense I haven't played in about 10 years--not since my last whirl through Delta Phi croquet in support of some philanthropy or other, wearing a picture hat and dallying around the Sunken Gardens. As I recall, I didn't do half-badly that day, but then my memory is a vague and changling thing these days. I then went on to lose a pool game and to spazz out regularly trying to play ping pong. I never was the greatest with games of hand/eye coordination but somehow now I flail more and more spectacularly with each passing year. It's fetching, and a great gene to pass on to children, lemmetellya. I will be the primary reason that my kids get picked last for everything except football.


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