Saturday, October 23, 2004

Post-restoration, pre-Dulles Center. Suitland, MD. September 2001. Posted by Hello

As Kristin mentioned, I discovered yesterday how to put pictures up here at le Sport. Sadly, I thought I had more interesting files saved at home and was all excited about posting them, only to discover (unsurprisingly) that I have far more shots of aircraft than I do of people. Most are of interest only to me and a *very* few others, but so is most of what happens here on my blog so why stop now?

This is the fore section of the Enola Gay fuselage. In September 2001 I was employed by the National Air and Space Museum at it's (then one and only) storage facility in Maryland. After about 18 months of restoration and occasional display, this plane was ready to be put into storage to await its transport to the then-under-construction Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles. We spent several days loading the plane (in parts) onto a tractor trailer and moving her to Maryland. It was a very big moment for me, to be in on the work for something so historically important. Isn't she gorgeous?


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