Friday, October 22, 2004

It's raining men

From my Arlington Alerts:

"In conjunction with the Army 10-Miler, the U.S. Army Golden Knights ParachuteTeam will parachute into Arlington on the morning on Sunday, October 24. The jump will take place at 7:10 a.m. The team will land on Washington Blvd. (Rt.27) in the area to the west of the Pentagon (in the vicinity of the old heliport)."

First: The Golden Knights! HOLYCRAPTHAT'SSOEFFINGCOOL. Second: what a timely and helpful report. Seriously. How many times have their been tests of some security measure or other (or some event that will disrupt traffic) that you don't hear about until after the fact? As in, until after some poor biddy has had the shit scared out of her. Third: I *was* going to sleep late on Sunday (my first chance in to do so in almost two weeks) but think I might manage to rouse myself for this. Anyone care to join me? ;)


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