Sunday, August 29, 2004

The best party I wish I never had

Last night was Kristin’s going away barbeque. Most of my readership were attendees, so I don’t think I’m telling this story for the first time to too many of you, but it was one of those occasions that must be chronicled no matter for whom.

First, the title, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but also true. I loved organizing this party—it was our kinda night. Good friends, good food, great conversation, raucous game playing and laid-back camaraderie amongst all. The epitome of what Kristin brings to all of us as a person and a friend. There is no one for whom I would rather throw the bash to end all bashes; she deserved it, and more. But I’ll be honest and say that if she weren’t leaving and we never had this shindig in the first place, you wouldn’t hear me complaining. All of us are so proud of her and so excited for her and all the great things that await her in Chicago, but I think I speak for all of us too when I say that we haven’t let ourselves think about a D.C. without her because that shit DO NOT FEEL RIGHT.

That said, what a great night. People were fun and hilarious and generous. Old friends mingled with new acquaintances and all the disparate parts of Kristin’s social circles came together. We talked and ate and smoked and ate and drank and ate and played Asshole and ate and brought it Pictionary-style and ate. There was Caps and cake and SoCo and mesquite clouds, a hammock and horrendous techno mixes but also just the right splash of Bon Jovi and a last-ditch 7-minutes-until-midnight run to Sleven for high quality Miller (pronounced Mee-lay) Lite that would have done an Indy pit proud. Personally I got to see people who just don’t cross my path often enough. Annie and I foiled Kristin’s plan to keep us apart, realizing what long-lost Wonder Twins we are. Finishing up the night with a rallying game of Ultimate on the slopes of Alexandria’s most picturesque monument to secrecy and collusion didn’t hurt either.

Photographic evidence of “Kristin Who?” will be available on the guest of honor’s website in the next day or two, and possibly on the harbinger of all things Richmond as well. A huge thanks to Dave and D who opened their srrrrsly off-the-heezy lovely home to host the event, not minding even when their night ended in a 1 a.m. bedtime while the rest of us raged on downstairs. Graciousness, thy name is LaChance. I’ll get you back, if I ever get a big-girl house of my own. A personal thanks to Bill for unflinchingly being a designated driver, and to Sandy for bringing me home and waiting to see that I made it into my house, since there was an entirely too creepy man loitering on my street at 4 a.m.

Now, to hold still in front of the television for the rest of the day. A wonderful weekend? Indeed she was.


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