Sunday, April 18, 2004

Mystery Solved

In the first week after I moved into my apartment I came home from work one day to find a blossom on my door. Someone had nabbed it from the flowering shrub outside my building and bestowed it. At first I thought (hoped) that it came from 2 friends who live in the neighborhood, who (I surmised) in stopping by and finding me not at home had left a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" gesture. Come to find out in talking to them a few days later, Nope. Wasn't them. Gasp! Who the EFF had left it, then?

Dear readers, I have the answer. My soon-to-be ex-neighbor James is the culprit. He was moving things out of his apartment today (avec aid from his bro) and on my way out the brother pointed out the NEW blossom on my door (James isn't one for varying his schtick) and ratted James out as the stealth flower man. I called a "thank you" down the hall but made a hasty exit. It is, in theory, a nice gesture, but I long since decided that James wasn't a fellow to be unduly encouraged. The flower thing is nice, but also a little odd, so I'm just as glad to see him be on his way.

It is a really lovely blossom though.... Thanks, James.


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