Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Back in Black

Hello, loyal readers! I'm sure both of you missed me while I was away this weekend. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter (or generic April weekend, depending on your choice of faith). I have very little of an anecdotal nature to share, other than my growing feeling that living in and around DC is turning me into a snob. Maybe more on that later, but I wanted to mention two things in this post:

First, I watched the second half of a great Masterpiece Theater mini-series on Sunday called "Daniel Deronda." It proffered the usual Brit-series fare--posh accents, earnest women, cuckolded men, and unbelievably beautiful costuming and scenery. I was also sufficiently twitterpated with the leading man, Hugh Dancy, who come to find out was in "Black Hawk Down" as well. Yum.

Second, is *anyone* watching "Homeland Security"? I stumbled across its opening credits Sunday night while searching out the PBS station at my mom's place, and I cringed. I was especially sad to see how far Tom Skerritt and fellow W&M alum Scott Glenn have fallen. Crap TV knows no bounds.


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