Friday, April 16, 2004

The Penultimate Friday Five

I've saved the whoppers for next week--then the TRUE me will be revealed. Uh, yeah. Anyhoo, this week's pentaverate of power is:

21. I want a mint-condition 1987 BMW 333i more than anyone can possibly imagine.

22. A real-life person I will always consider a vital mentor in my development (excluding family members) I don’t like the family member exclusion, but outside the clan I’d have to go with Miss Kristin. She’s truly such a stellar individual, and brings the same out in others. **PS, I love the “real-life person” proviso—is there a real likelihood that someone will list their imaginary friend??

23. I read this website religiously: That and for updating rowing info. I know—scintillating.

24. Godiva chocolate; freshly brewed coffee; mufellata; strawberries; my mom’s potato salad [are] simply, unequivocally delicious. (not simultaneously, of course)

25. “In Your Eyes” is a song that really comforts me.


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