Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Now that's more like it

After a month-long hiatus, which I am certain was enacted because the show was dangerously close to going off the rails (and may have jumped the shark anyway), 24 made its triumphant return into my life last night. It was as if the producers had heard my various critiques of the season thus far--last night they stuck with what was interesting: the virus, Michelle/Tony, and Jack. They kept run-ins with Palmer and Sherri to a minimum (except for one excellent scene where it looked like Dennis Haysbert was going to reduce Penny Johnson Gerald to a crimson stain on the wall ("Is very bad...drink Jo-bu's rum!"), Chloe's whiney self was totally absent (woo!), and they relegated Spawn to sitting at a desk and occasionally talking on the phone. In particular I love how badass they have made Michelle's character, finally getting her out of the office and letting her go medieval on the freaked out hotel patrons.

The show in general had a lot of ground to recover--they had really strayed from discernible plots and had tried to throw in things to shock us that in fact no one gave two craps about (i.e. Chase being somebody's baby daddy). In a sense they apologized for the lapse and the time lag by promising 9 new episodes in a row, with some fairly enticing previews. I won't consider it 100% fixed for another episode or 2, but this was a definite step in the right direction.


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