Sunday, March 28, 2004

"Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...."

NASA, at it's finest, is the shit. Stuff like this thrills me no end.

The article likens this to the Wright Brothers' first flight, and references Chuck Yeager's October 1947 Mach 1 jaunt, but I'm afraid that this sort of technological (or at least aeronautical) achievement doesn't galvanize the populace like those events did. We are immersed (in the States at least) in such a technology-rich lifestyle that I think we've in general become blase about break-throughs like this. Look at how quickly we stopped paying attention to information from the Mars landers. All that the average American concentrates on these days relative to NASA is how much money its costing us, or where it factors in political machinations. Without a foe (i.e., USSR) to spur us on to achieve, and dream, and, yes, spend, we seem so complacent about having vision. About discovery for discovery's sake. Kinda sad.


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