Monday, March 29, 2004

It's the little things

Out of curiosity I went the DC Metro's website to compare fares and travel times now that my route has changed. Without getting into detail, I can get to work one of two ways--a longer train ride and shorter walk, or vice versa. You would think that for health and financial reasons I would default to the latter, but there are times when DC's weather (read: summer sauna) profoundly discourages outdoor activity of ANY kind.

I discovered, though, that by stretching my legs and taking the long walk/short ride option, I would save $72 a year! That may not sound like a lot, but for me its a month's worth of TV, internet, and Netflix. Amazing how a few cents each day stacks up in the long run.

Brought to you by the "Things Interesting Only to Anne" fund.


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