Thursday, March 18, 2004

Elevator Etiquette

I just returned from a trip on the elevator, where I rode from the basement all the way up to the top floor (a whopping 6 flights. Hush up. DC has construction limits, as evidenced by our comely skyline.) Nevertheless, that was enough time for a fellow rider to do everything wrong as far as how to conduct oneself on a lift. Now, I work in a place with a lot of foreigners, so I'm willing to give some room on the possibility that he lacked the American sense of personal space. But this little dude went too far. Friendly would be one thing. This? Was just invasive.

While waiting for the elevator, he stood way too close to me. What's more, it wasn't a side-by-side close, it was a "I can tell that you're staring at me because the toes of your shoes are facing me in perpendicular fashion" closeness. After the unnecessary closeness-while-waiting, we both stepped onto the elevator. At this point I was compelled to make eye contact, again receiving the distinct impression that his eyes were going to bore holes into me. Once on the car (just 2 of us, for a good 40+ square feet of space) he stood way over on my side of the car, AGAIN facing me. Thank God that it was only a 6-flight ride, or else he might have worked up the cojones to speak. As it was we ascended in uncomfortable silence, him staring, me ignoring.

I Googled "elevator etiquette" and came up with this.

To which I would add: GET UP OUTTA MY SPACE!


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