Friday, October 19, 2007

It makes me feel better just knowing that a fridge stocked like this exists. It is, of course, in wonderful New Zealand. That's all chocolate in the wrappered packages, btw. Chocolate, soda, and champagne. Heaven.

I especially need the boost at the end of what's been a very hard week. On top of the plumbing debacle, work was particularly grueling. A paper, briefing, and several upsetting subject matter lectures (remember who I work for and what sorts of cases we do) have sucked all the life out of me and my classmates.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for a delayed flight into BWI...and tomorrow will be getting up at 5:45 to be at school by 8 to work on another project. I know it'll all get done and this too shall pass but I'm feeling a bit scraped and worn thin lately. Oh well, just my time, I guess. Sigh.


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