Saturday, September 29, 2007

I sold BD today.

Aithne's great, and it was time, but...I cried the whole way home without him. I realized while talking to Christie that I've had this car HALF MY LIFE. We bought him when I was 16 and I put the bulk of his 120,802 miles on him. He saw so many trips, so many dates, so many moves. He *never* broke down on me, ever. It seems silly, to feel so much for a conglomeration of metal and gaskets and cloth and plastic, but I...miss him. For a 4-cylinder, 2.2 liter stick shift with few extras, he was a badass motherfucker and I imagine that I'll be reminiscing about him into my rocking chair years. He was DPU 384, (USNA) MTD 58, (NASM) SPYNVY, and once work made me keep a low profile, JVR-1156. But wherever he is, he'll always be a Doss.


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