Monday, May 28, 2007

It's just gonna be this way

Since my last post I got a new job. Same agency, but totally different position. The new life involves a normal schedule (after almost 2 years of shift work), intellectual challenge, concrete product output, a HUGE initial learning curve and.... no regular internet access. So as sporadic as the 'Sport has been, it's going to be even worse from here on out. But really, weren't y'all getting a little tired of hearing about classes and sleeplessness? Me too.

In other news summer is here! We've been to happy hour at Cantina Marina, bar hoppinng on Solomons Island, sea kayaking, a sunset wine festival at Mt. Vernon with Teresa and Dave, and a ridonkulous-good surprise dinner from N at District Chophouse in the last two weeks. Then Saturday Kristin and Todd were in town and we caught up over dinner and drinks at Pentagon Row. Seriously, that place has turned into a real gem in this neighborhood. The shops and prices are sliiightly yuppy for me but the general feeling of community and sitting outside with tons of kids and patrons, enjoying the atmosphere and weather, can't be beat. Plus? Ann Taylor Loft, thankyouverymuch. *Then* Sunday XOLondon took me to the Ritz-Carlton for a belated birthday/happy promotion high tea. So decadent! We did the champagne version (of course!) and chatted the afternoon away.

And now? I'm going to enjoy the rest of the holiday by laying in my hammock out back. A cold beer or two...possibly. A nap or two...DEFINITELY.


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