Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brace yourselves

Because this? Is going to be the biggest post in the history of The 'Sport.

Clearly, I've been MIA for the past few weeks. Starting in early April life sped up a lot and left little time (or more importantly, energy) for blogging. This quarter was extremely haphazard and the bulk of the grades came from 2 projects at the end of the session--projects I was totally disinclined to work on and thus left to the last minute. Add to that several jaunts out of town, my birthday, and increasingly lovely weather that makes one want to goof off outside and that makes for no updates. Y'all know how it goes.

The birthday
: Kicked off Friday night by co-opting the Secret Service happy hour at Sine. Corizzle from Harrizzle was visiting for a friend's wedding and made it out with Lisa and Gwendie. Then Saturday, HWSWNMBSITITV and I went awalk in Great Falls then gussied up for Fondue at Melting Pot. Holy France there's something to be said for taking your time and working through 4 courses.

For the actual BIG DAY, 31, can't-fudge-I'm-wholly-in-my-30s, HWSWNMBSITITV took over the birthday planning from me, and besides knowing that it was a brunch I had *no* inkling what was in store. After consulting with some of my ladeez, the plan was made for us to do the Drag Brunch at Perry's. NSFW pictures here and here. A huge belated thanks to everyone who joined me, called, emailed, texted, sent cards, or in other ways commemorated my big day. An especially heartfelt thank you to HWSWNMBSITITV for pouring so much time and energy into the weekend. You are The. Best.

I have found that finishing a quarter of school must be immediately followed by a detox wherein I take several days off from work and just hold STILL, at least mentally if not physically. This time around I accomplished that by making a leisurely road trip up to Rochester, NY to visit Christie and Stefan. They bought a house in November and it is the sweetest bright, airy nest, perfect for catching up over snacks, many naps, TV, and the staging of rambling walks in Highland Park. As ever I wish these 2 lived closer to me. [aside: I feel compelled to mention that the Buffalo Girls informed me that they often refer to it as Crotch-ester. Heart!]

The Dempsey/Langley Wedding
: In the way that perfect timing has, my quarter finished just in time to be witness to the marriage of Erin and Brian, and what a day it was. Buffalo was enjoying unusually flawless May weather--warm and sunny--and if ever a clan knows how to enjoy a moment, it's these folks. From start to finish the whole day was fun, endearing, classy, spirited, seemingly effortless, and clearly blessed. I would not have missed it. Or the wee day trip I took to Niagara Falls--ha!

And now? Now I'm home, with no school for a couple weeks, the weather is amazing, getting revved up for summer. Change is in the air, dear readers. Watch this space.


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