Sunday, December 03, 2006

Navy BEAT Army

Our view from the club seats

I went to the Army/Navy Game yesterday at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The story of how I got there is long and fraught, and very 11th-hour, but suffice it to say that I got incredibly lucky to score 2 tickets in the club section of the stadium. Before I got there I had no idea what this meant--I've never been to a game of any kind at a professional stadium in my life (I KNOW. Me. She Who Loves Football, as my tribe calls me. It's a crime, but that's a whole other story). Now I know that the club section is MONEY: enclosed, gourmet concessions with couches, TVs, and a full bar, not to mention seats in small rows so you aren't looking over tons of people...cushioned seats with TONS of leg room. It was swank. It was also on the Army side of the field, so Kristen (my wingman for the day) and I, complete in our Navy gear, were deep in enemy territory.

Which didn't stop me at. all.

I hollered, I clapped, I jumped up and down, you name it. I cheered so hard that I have a huge bruise on my left wrist where my stainless steel watch dial slapped into the skin on clap after clap after clap. By the 4th quarter it was clear that Navy would prevail (duh) and then my joy knew no bounds. Well, that's not totally true. Back story: as with most marquee football games, there was a fly-over. Two awesome ones--the Navy sent a quartet of F-18s and the Army sent an equal number of Apaches. Sometime during a time-out in the 2nd half they introduced the respective pilots, standing in one of the end zones. Well, one of the F-18 pilots, a USNA grad, was so all-American turbo handsome, it was like he was from central casting of the 1950s. Kristen and I could not stop exclaiming about the many good qualities of this man. Fast-forward to the 4th quarter, where most of our section had cleared out once it became clear that Army had no chance. Out of nowhere Kristen elbows me and says, through clenched teeth, "Look to my right". I look, and who is there but Pilot McHottie. Of all the seats, in all the stadium? He came and sat by us. THEN my joy knew no bounds. Here's proof:

Captain America

It doesn't do him justice, but trust me when I say that his salary is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

It was the most amazing day, with perfect football weather (although it did get a bit painful after the sun went down), so much eye candy that I really didn't know what to do with myself (I think I blacked out a couple times), and a Navy victory. Not bad for my first-ever trip to Philly.

Do I look cold?


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