Saturday, February 18, 2006

He done got edumacated in how to takes the drugs and BRING THE PAIN

From the UNC Chapel Hill football stadium, where past greats are lauded

Yesterday Pam and I did The Road Trip and went to Chapel Hill, NC to see Keith Urban in concert. We made a whole day out of it, driving into increasingly more beautiful weather until, by the time we hit The Hill, it was 78 DEGREES OUTSIDE. Yes, really. We arrived around 1 p.m. and after getting our bearings, had lunch at Top of the Hill. Delicious, gorgeous, and we each bought a sixer of the IPA to bring home.

We spent the afternoon moseying around Franklin Street, old campus's main drag, being assaulted by light blue paraphernalia and too much winter-white flesh in shorts and sundresses. You'd think they'd been through a nuclear winter with the amount of skin on display desperate for Vitamin D. Try Boston for a while ye cretins.

After depositing BD at a designated concert parking lot around 5 pm we made our way back to town and grabbed dinner and more beers at W.B. Yeats irish pub. I could tell I was out of the college mode when I was more taken with the hip professors having a beer with spouses than I was with the charmingly pink-cheeked and unwashed band doing a sound check for that night's "show."

*Slightly* tipsy and all kindsa high on life (including a woozy call to Kristin to get help remembering the name of the Government department building at W&M) we finally walked to the main event, the concert. Keith put on one hell of a show, singing from his full catalog but drawing strongly on his latest album, Be Here. He also paid homage to influences like the Beatles and Billy Joel. There was a cool moment where he rode a pulley out to a mini-stage closer to the cheap (read: our) seats, and he did the requisite singing-while-sitting-on-a-stool-amidst-oriental-rugs-deep-feelings thing. The throwing in of "UNC" "Chapel Hill" and "North Carolina" to songs got a little trite after a while, but all in all a very solid show, and worth the trip.

I can say that now that I'm home...but last night, after getting on the road at 11:45 pm post-concert for the trek home, and not rolling up to my door until 4:45 am (a cool 600 miles total for the day--BD is the MACK) I had a few moments of "this was less-than-bright" self-analysis. But seeing a cop bust a guy on 95 for going 95? I ate up erry minute of it.


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