Friday, September 30, 2005

Goreham fecking AWESOME

Just got back from seeing Serenity with the crew. I've been watching Firefly via DVD all week to ramp up and while the show is good (I never watched it when it aired on TV, much in the same vein as other great series that I now consider life necessities like Seinfeld, Freaks n' Geeks, and Sex and the City) the movie just blows the series out of the water. I'm exhausted from being so in the movie that I forgot I was in a movie theater and was covering my mouth, gasping, exclaiming out loud, and fidgeting in my seat (when I wasn't on the edge of it). I will more than likely see this one again in the theater and you can consider the DVD pre-ordered. Plus I saw the preview for HP and the Goblet of Fire so I = happy camper.

Tomorrow: Monticello Wine Trail Festival.


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