Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mmmmm...celebrate ME!!

I've just come from my good-bye lunch here at the soon-to-be old job. I requested picnic food and so we catered sandwiches in from D.C. Hott and they? Was delicious. Various fabulous co-workers supplied side salads, soda and iced tea, and *yummy* desserts including buckeyes, lemon cake and pecan tartlettes. Yes, it was a bit of a fancy picnic, but the general ethos was there. Don't quibble with me. Everyone was lovely and kind and wished me well, and hooked me up with a sweet gift certificate so that I can go buy more Straight-Laced work clothes (as the sundresses and flip flops that I sport here will be VERBOTEN at the New Job). We spent the better part of the lunch reminiscing over good old-school candy (Fun Dip, Big League Chew, Sugar Daddies, Ring Pops, and Nerds topped my personal list) and Steve uttered the immortal phrase "I think Splenda will save my life."

Good times. I will surely miss this crew.


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