Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm using the wonders of technology to post-date this back to yesterday even though I did not, in fact, write anything. Reason being, I was feeling a bit poorly. Poorly as in I fainted on the metro. For rill, not for fake fainted in the middle of a packed train car. Luckily I was surrounded by several lovely people who helped me up, gave me a seat and some water, and saw that I got to my stop without further incident. I blame the heat, two weekend nights of not going to bed until after 2, getting up at 4 to drive home, and Tara's Block Party margaritas. I'm feeling a bit more up to snuff today though, and wanted to get back to the business of the countdown, so here she be, Day Sieben:

7 Things That Annoy Me:

1. people who drive with NO THOUGHT to others on the road. You are not alone out there, peoples.
2. picking the wrong line -- grocery store, toll booth, you name it. I always choose poorly and it bugs the shit out of me.
3. when people stand on the left on metro escalators. I don't care if you aren't from around here. MOVE IT.
4. smugness
5. traffic on I-95
6. that I look forward to the weekend for SO LONG and then *pouf*, it's over.
7. living so far away from most of my favorite people


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