Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The view at the start of the trail. George Washington National Forest, WV.

I thought I was going to do this extensive post about the weekend, but really there's little of the details that would bring readers screaming to the page. I have a wee picture album here where you can see the synopsis of cooking, relaxing, and hiking that has been most of my downtime lately. Don't be jealous of the best chili in the annals of history, or the beer brats. Your time will come. I was pleased with myself because I made it through the 6-mile excursion to HalfMoon Lookout (an old firewatch spot in the George Washington National Forest in West Virginia) without ever falling--not bad for a klutz with no official hiking gear. And then we fucked it up and watched THE MOST DEPRESSING MOVIE that I have seen in quite some time, "House of Sand and Fog." Oh my god, people. Just...oh sweet and holy France that movie destroyed me. I literally couldn't fall asleep after and needed to just ponder and talk it out a bit. Many movies that have dark subject matter still manage to have moments of redemption, or hope, or perspective. NOT THIS ONE. I can appreciate that it was beautifully staged and well acted (in fact, why Jennifer Connelly did not get nominated for an Oscar is beyond me) but if you want to keep your sanity and optimism intact, don't watch it. And for the love of Mike, if you do watch, at least don't watch it alone. But barring that, the snowy weekends have treated me all kinds of right. I hope you can say the same.

UPDATE: Apparently the link to the album wasn't working earlier (thanks for the FYI, Adam) but I believe it is now fixed.


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