Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Because I am Pat's daughter and the DNA is inescapable, I am a sucker for the catalog purchase. Pat's home, at least for all of my life, has been brimming with catalogs. Clothing. Furniture. Food stuffs. Cosmetics. If it can be purchased through the mail, a sampling of the company's offerings is somewhere in my mother's house. She isn't a crazed catalog shopper by any means, but I think those businesses all share mailing lists and so once you've bought from one, you are FAIR GAME.

I am slowly, in my way, ramping up to a similar situation at my house. So far it's still at a level where I just get seasonal offerings, from companies I like and/or have bought from before: JCrew, LLBean, Dell, etc. Usually the booklets go straight into recycling--if I can't get it at H&M or Target then I don't want it, dammit. Well, I can't afford it, at least. But last week in the midst of a particularly cold snap and having no cold weather gear that really fits anymore, I got slammed by the 1-2 turbo punch of an LLBean catalog and another from WinterSilks. What's more, I found myself 1. online 2. with free time and 3. 2 trips coming up where being outside in the cold was a factor. So, God help me, I fired up the Visa and did some buying. Everything was on sale, and, honestly, much needed (like long john pants that don't come up to my armpits), but my conscience still pricks eeeever so slightly about it.

But the longjohns showed up last night (in time for Chicago) and the fleece-lined vest in a fetching dark raspberry is somewhere between Freeport and here and may make in time for strolling around Wrigleyville as well...and I'm checking the FedEx tracking every 5 minutes, so I must not feel that badly about it.


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