Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Christie didn't call last night (although she COULD have) and so I got to see all of the TAR finale. Basically, "eh." I'm glad Adam and Rebecca didn't win, but the fact that Jon and Kris didn't is wrong, wrong, WRONG. Kendra's total cultural insensitivity should not be rewarded like this, and I doubt that she feels chagrin or has learned a lesson upon seeing herself after the fact. No self-awareness there, I'm betting. The Hayden/Aaron proposal shocked the hell out of me, not least because for most of the race he's seemed increasingly fed up with and disillusioned by her--as he should be! Whininess, thy name is Hayden. Aaron didn't seem the type to propose on TV for the PR of it and to think that after all that he still feels things for her that would make him get choked up? I just don't get people AT ALL. What was cool though was Chicago as the finale locale! Kristin and I were literally at that very water tower on Saturday, but alas neither of us has been to Gino's East (something she's sure to remedy for herself soon). Such a great city, and I like the circularity of starting and ending in the same place--the first time the show has done that, if I remember correctly.

I'm surprised to see that Season 7 is starting so soon--3 weeks!! I'm glad I won't have to wait long, but it seems to me that since they aren't going to shoot Season 8 until sometime in June--meaning we won't see it 'til the fall, most likely--that they'd divide that down time a little better. But that injects logic into the process and reason has NO PLACE in reality TV. So in checking out the contestants for TAR7, I 1. was again disgusted that Rob and Amber will be on this show. I didn't mind them on Survivor, but their ubiquity on CBS shows is galling. I don't watch this to see established personalities. The thrill of new contestants is a large part of the attraction, and at this point the 2 of them are so full of themselves so as to just be balls-out obnoxious. They cannot be eliminated fast enough, IMO. and 2. Check out this team!!!! Grads of JMU and W&M, respectively, and Bianca teaches in Woodbridge. Yeah, Virginia, REPRESENT!!!! Bill and the Babe people, did anyone know Debbie while we were there?? And yes, this dude is the early-on favorite in my heart, youallknowwhy.


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