Monday, February 07, 2005

Action Todd!! We found this (broken) trampoline on the sidewalk while coming home from L&L. Ddot gamely jumped on after my command of "DANCE, MONKEY, DANCE!!"

Full album HERE.

FRIDAY: I spent a quiet morning putzing around K’s apartment while she got her learn on, and then she and I hit the sunny streets of the Lakeview district to shop. I wanted some Chicago gear and we were slated to attend a baby shower Saturday afternoon, and so needed to find THE GOODS. After a huge, hearty [OK, here is where Blogger began its swath of destruction in my post. I'll attempt to recreate but I fear it shall lack what the French like to call a certain "I don't know what" compared to the original.] breakfast at Ann Sather's, we explored all the unique, eclectic shops that ring the neighborhood. All I can say is, it's a very good thing that I have neither space nor money to spare or I would have been in real trouble. In particular I almost bought a set of coasters with a circa-1974 picture of a disgruntled little girl with the caption "Do I look like I could give less of a shit?" Is that me or what??

All the shopping and fresh air (it was in the 50s all weekend, weather for which I took full credit and told Kristin "You're welcome") left us tuckered out (ah, winter time stamina) so by mid-afternoon we retired to the casa to watch a movie and chill. Todd (hereinafter known as Ddot) joined us around 7 and we all chatted over wine and cheese while Kristin gamely fixed our contribution to the dinner party we were soon to attend. We high-tailed it over to her friend Katja's for some of the best Mexican food I've had in awhile with quite possibly every German student in the greater Chicago area. Then, per my request, we hit up a divey local bar called the L&L. My boyfriend whom Kristin alluded to was indeed there, in all his backwards ball cap/wife beater/bad posture/tattooed glory. He is a keeper, right down to the "ALL ANGLES" inscribed on his right shoulder (w/ the "L"s crossing--clever!) and I suggest y'all watch your mail, as I'll be sending our "Save the Date" cards soon.

Post-pub we unwound with some "Freaks and Geeks" (during which I unceremoniously inhaled almost an entire tube of Chips Ahoy) and then collapsed into bed. Day One: WORD.

NOTE: I would have liked to link individually to pictures as the story merited, but trying to do that yesterday is what got my post ate up and so I won't be tempting Ofoto fate again. The pix aren't chronological, but are pretty self-explanatory, so knock yourselves out.


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