Wednesday, November 17, 2004

As Kristin likes to say, it's travel porn

As promised (or warned, however you look at it) my take on last night's Amazing Race premiere. First, I was with James all the way, rooting for Gus and Hera (he had me at "clandestine") but dude just does NOT have what it takes to make it through too many more challenges. I give every prop to his life experience and expertise but he is simply too out of shape to pose a threat to the whippersnappers. Sigh.

I'm a little disheartened (and I've said this before) about the propensity to cast models/actors on this show. Everyone seems to be from Texas or California, and while I like pretty as much as the next person, it gets old. BUT the teams comprised of said people fared well last night--as did Brandon and Nicole and (blech) Colin and Christie last time out, so we'll see.

There are several early contenders for the ADD "HATE" award. Among them the wrestling wife who sinks deep into redneck twang while browbeating her husband; "not gay" Adam (Hellboy is too cool a nickname for him) and his similarly illiterate partner; and finally, but most forcefully, Jonathan and his plastic, simpering wife Victoria. He is so hateful. Seriously, every word out of his mouth was a harangue of his wife (HOW has she put up with him for 5 minutes, let alone 7 years???) and it's his way or no way at all. He is convinced he is right and smart and best and handsome, while in fact being none of these things. His is a chafing personality. Except he has NO personality and JUST chafes. Cannot. be gone. fast enough.

But I am still endlessly pleased to have a new season up and running, going to new places (how breathtaking is Iceland, Land of Loca Bjork?), and editing the shit out of the antics perpetrated by these people. One request: STOP HUGGING PHIL. It was slightly entertaining when Myra did it because she was fucking crazy, but this is just a stale gag at this point. Don't ruffle the Kiwi.


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