Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Apologies. I've been MIA today because it's been cra-zah bus-ay, but now I have a moment to write more about something truly important: TAR. Hee. CBS's website was being a POS this morning so I couldn't read about and vet teams as James so ably did, but now that I've had a chance to read their bios, I can chime in with some early thoughts.

The most prominent is this: in one of the bio "snippets" a team is quoted as "[hoping] to show the world that Mormons, Utahans and women can be interesting, exciting, and capable of competing in high-stress situations while maintaining core values." Very red state, no? Anyway, if you read on, you discover that this statement comes from 2 women who 1. consider one of the most special times they had as sisters was living together in Las Vegas--that hotbed of morality and traditionalism. GOD says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 2. One of the women is the single mother of a 6-year old. Absolutely nothing wrong with that in my book, but as I recall out-of-wedlock fornication and procreation is grounds for eternal damnation per LDS, no? and 3. the other is a former STRIPTEASE AEROBICS INSTRUCTOR. Is that the typical CV of a Utah woman? Because if so, I would imagine that Adam is packing his bags RIGHT NOW to move there.

I just...give up. Do these people not read or understand what they're putting out there on the internets? Have someone objective proofread, chippies. Although, it shows YET AGAIN how masterful the producers behind TAR are, juxtaposing contestants own obliviousness and sans-irony self-absorption to highest comic value. Heart!


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