Monday, November 15, 2004

In case you haven't already...

I suggest you Ask Snoop. He will for rill translate the site of your choice, as he kindly did for the 'Sport. Some of my faves:

Instead of this, this: Where yo' ass goin? Kept this one show yo' ass how blue 'n clear da sky is today n' shit. This picture is totally unaltered n' shit.

Instead of this, this: Would yo' ass trust this mutha?

And this: It'll be like I has paparazzi! Christmas came early fo' yo' ADD." ...I gots a new digital camera yesterday!! I hope make BlogSport a much mo' photo-tastic place, full of da quirks 'n random beauty that I see from day day." Or just lots of freaky shit n' shit. Whichev n' shit.



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