Saturday, November 13, 2004

Wow, Anne, another rowing-related story

Hey, I never purported to offer you anything different, and I must deliver the "sport" in BlogSport. Cherish this, because it'll be the last for awhile.

Last night I had my team dinner. A woman on the team lives in the swank townhouses right on the water just next to our boathouse, so it seemed the perfect location to gather. Better yet, we didn't fuss with a potluck or coordinating dishes. We got BARBECUE from Rocklands (godDAMN that stuff is good) and just did BYOB. Some people were Type A and brought food, but it wasn't necessary and I was mighty pleased about that. Anyhoo, we had a great time. I am by far the youngest person in my group, and they all treat me as a daughter, in the best way--all of the fondness with none of the rules or hassle. Just lots of great chat and comaraderie, and getting to meet people's spouses. The best part (from my POV) is that we finally get to see each other cleaned up, in street clothes. NOT at 5 am, NOT with bed-head. I honestly don't recognize people at first, the difference is that strong. I really love that gang of people--we've been through a lot together this year and have gutted it out and truly become a family of sorts. I'll miss them terribly over the winter.

I left the dinner needing to go home and straight to bed (more on why later) but got cajoled into meeting Des, Bry, and Matt out at the Sports Pub for a brief chat. I haven't seen any of them in ages, and I needed to see my peeps, youknowwhati'msaying??

So I agreed to be at the boathouse at 8 to help winterize and store the engines and launches used by the coaches. BUT then I agreed to meet up w/ a woman on my team to RUN AT 7, before we helped with the clean-up. I know. KRAZY. So Jill and I dutifully rendezvoused at the appointed hour and actually had a great run through Old Town. I had never run with anyone before and the time went really quickly! Then we hunkered into the engines, with me doing spark plug detail. This involved removing the engine hoods and changing the old plugs for new, on 14 separate engines. It actually was great experience and very instructive, but COLD AS ALL HOLY FUCK outside. The one sexciting interlude was the moment when a helicopter came barreling in over the Potomac, apparently following (chasing?) a speed boat. We couldn't tell if it was some sort of Coast Guard interdiction, or a film crew doing some sort of action sequence, or what. But the helicopter made my day (of course--it had one of those badass fenestron enclosed tail rotors; v. distinctive sound) so I could care less what they were up to.

I just feel so productive! I've done more with the first 3 hours of this day than I'll probably do with the other 12. I can pretty much guarantee this because my agenda right now? Is to take a nap.


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